How This Class Works


Learning is a very special thing. One of my favorite things in the world is a student excited about learning something new. I want you to have a lot of those magical moments this year. Thatís one reason why your parents send you to Chop Point School.


As a teacher, my reputation is this: I am tough but fair. I will expect a lot from you, both inside and outside the classroom, but you should expect even more from yourself. You will be challenged to think and will not be able to hide from questions. I expect excellence from you. There are no dumb students, just hardworking and lazy ones.††††


This class is not a babysitting service. As a high school student, I expect you to be prepared for class, to be a positive factor in the classroom, and to strive for excellence in all you do (even if that means asking for extra help). Anyone Ė and I do mean anyone -- can get an ĎAí in this class if he or she does all of those things. I will always be there to help you succeed, but I donít hand out good grades as if they were candy. You have to earn them, and you will if you work hard. Lazy students will get no rewards from me, but hardworking ones will learn more than they ever imagined possible. If you donít believe me, ask around.


Learning begins with respect. When you enter my class, there should be no hats on your heads, food or drink in your hands (or mouth), headphones on your ears, or gum in your mouth. This tells me you respect yourself, your classmates, and your teacher. It also tells me that you are ready to learn because you have your priorities in order.


If you show me by your behavior or level of work that you do not want to be a positive influence in the classroom, I will discuss your situation with your parents Ė even during the first week of school, if necessary. They donít want to see their hard-earned money wasted, and neither do I. If we canít nip the problem in the bud, then you will be put on five days of work detail during your free time. (This is for each offense. Pam, Peter, or Frank will be your supervisor. These jobs could involve hauling wood, washing dishes, raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc.)


Needless to say, I do not expect any problems, but I will deal with them immediately. You will not be allowed to disrupt the class for any reason. No exceptions.


I look forward to a great year. I hope you do, too.


Best wishes,



I have read this information above and understand that Mr. Donnelly respects me enough to hold me accountable for my actions.


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