Poor Richard’s Almanac, Autobiography | Benjamin Franklin


Plot summary


Poor Richard’s Almanac: A popular newspaper printed by Franklin beginning in 1733.


Autobiography: A lively account of Franklin’s life until 1760.


Author and Date


- Evaluation and critique of Deism is found here


Historical Background


- Franklin is alive during tumultuous times

-         In 1706, when he was born, America was a British colony

-         In 1790, when he dies, America is a free nation on the way to becoming a world superpower

-         American Revolution

o       1775-1781, but building for a long time

-         In Franklin’s life, we have seeds of the America-to-come

o       Industrial Revolution

o       “Rugged individualism” taming the frontier

o       Social Gospel??




Old Richard’s Almanac

-         different types of wisdom

-         start of the soundbite?

-         What does it tell us about American mindset?

-         Others???


-         How much is truth and how much is spin?

-         Why write an autobiography?

-         What does it reveal of Franklin’s personality?

-         Did Franklin have an idea of covenant?

-         Others???