Philosophy Worksheet
Kreeft, Philosophy 101 by Socrates

1. Please type your answers to these questions. (Handwritten answers will be accepted, but at a 15-point penalty.)
2. Put your name on at the top of the page.
3. Number your answers. Each answer should be at least four sentences long.
4. Print out two copies of your answers -- one for you and one for me -- and bring them to class. Late papers (turned in after the class is over) will earn a zero for the assignment.

II. From the Euthyphro: Philosophy Exemplified

pages 94-103

1. How does Socrates define the term holiness? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

2. Euthyphro talks about a particular example of holiness, rather than the nature of holiness. What does it matter?

3. Why is Socrates extremely skeptical about the existence of the gods of the Greeks?

4. Once Euthyphro finally gives Socrates a definition of holiness, how does Socrates reply? Why?

5. Socrates asks, “Is what is holy holy because the gods approve it, or do they approve it because it is holy?” Explain the issue.

6. How would a Christian respond to Socrates’ comments on the source of holiness?