Nicaragua Trip - English Literature


Directions: Read the selection from The Hobbit in the attached packet and then write an essay (or short story or comic book). This assignment is due on February 24.


- Two pages minimum

- One inch margins

- No absurdly large fonts

- The question shouldn’t take up more than one or two lines of the paper and less than 10% of the first page

- Typed

- And you know how I feel about late papers...


Answer one:


1. Discuss the Christian themes in The Hobbit.

2. Compare and contrast a scene in The Hobbit with an experience you had in Nicaragua, what you learned in Nicaragua, etc.

3. Discuss what you learned from The Hobbit. Be as specific as possible.

4. Write a newspaper feature (such as one found in the Lifestyle section of the newspaper) about Bilbo Baggins or Gandalf that is based on what you’ve read so far in The Hobbit.

5. What is your favorite character in The Hobbit? Why?

6. How would Bilbo, Gandalf, etc. handle life in Maine? Write a short story (or play, etc.) about what they might experience and how they might react.

7. Compare and contrast The Hobbit with another fantasy book you’ve read.

8. Create a comic book (with text) that summarizes what you’ve read in this section of The Hobbit. (Of course, the page limits, margins, etc. don’t apply to this question. Do the comic as long as you’d like.)



Read Frank O’Connor, The First Confession, to prepare for the class discussion on February 24. (It is at the end of the packet.)