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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter eight, pp. 449-468

Fill in the blank

1. Once the _____________ Dispute was settled, the light in the Eastern Church began to grow dimmer.
2. Soon the Church was taking ___________ to task, boldly and resolutely.
3. The king was only king in order to serve the ____________ and her cause.
4. Pope ___________ was the person who helped entangle the Church and the feudal system.
5. St. ____________ became Pope in 858 A.D. He was put into power by King ____________ of Italy. At first, people thought he’d be a ____________ of the imperial authority.
6. The Pope’s agenda was to place the __________ authority above that of all the ___________ powers.
7. The life of Pope Nicholas I was in danger after he forced Lothaire II to take back his ___________. He once had to cross the _________ River to escape his enemies and take refuge in _________ Cathedral.
8. Pope Nicholas also had to reign in the powerful Archbishop ________________ in France and the Archbishop _____________ of Ravenna.
9. Pope Nicholas I had articulated a key principle: “The things of the _____________ triumph over the things of the _________ inasmuch as the _________ is superior to the ____________.”
10. Nicholas I was the first Pope whom _______________ completely recognized as its guide. He was the first ___________ Pope.
11. After Nicholas I’s death, ___________ soon gained the upper hand.
12. Nicholas I faced two equally serious questions: Would the _____________ Renaissance fail? Would the __________ of the Empire shatter the ____________ unity of the West?
13. The Church pressed for using only __________ as the liturgical and scholarly language so as to help preserve a truly ____________ culture.
14. The laity at the time abandoned the purists of the ______________ because they were absorbed in the ____________ and ____________ of their estates.
15. The ______________ remained havens of the mind.
16. Thanks to the tireless work of the _______________, we have copies of the works of important _____________ authors.
17. The scholars of the time wrote mainly ____________ works, but also ___________, such as the Book of the Gospels. These are considered to be the beginnings of _____________ literature.
18. In math, ___________ of the ecclesiastical _____________ was the principal preoccupation, but there was also translation and commentary on _________ geometry.
19. In zoology, the __________ was taken seriously, but ______________ was quite advanced because the monks were _______________.
20. One monk named Hubald even composed a poem on ___________, whose fundamental theme was that all geniuses are _____________.
21. The monks saw themselves as ___________ agents.
22. In music, the monks developed the __________, a series of __________ set to words. The _________ of Byzantium were also introduced.
23. In architecture, the ancient _____________ plan was now to dominate.
24. The _______________ in the churches were raised so that ____________ would be shielded from the _____________ of the public.
25. The new churches were no longer decorated with ________________, but with ___________ paintings and _____________ panels and ___________ glass.

Short answer

1. In what three ways did feudalism harm the Church’s influence in society? What were the consequences?

2. Discuss the affair concerning Lothaire II’s divorce.