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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter eight, pp. 429-442

Fill in the blank

1. After Charlemagne’s death, the West entered a period of ______________, _______________, and ______________.
2. The success of Charlemagne faced new ___________ invasions.
3. The _____________ attacked from the East, the ______________ from the Mediterranean, and the _____________ from the North.
4. When Charlemagne saw the Viking ships, he suddenly began to _______________.
5. Charlemagne divided his kingdom between his three sons. One got _________ and ___________; the second ______________; and the third _______________. No one son was given the ___________ title.
6. Charlemagne’s decision led to the future expansion of the _____________ system. The system began as the _________________ gathered around a few _________________ men for _______________.
7. As chaos crept back into the West, the Church once again declared her ___________ to imperial authority.
8. This was a time when it was once again understood that the Empire was founded on the _______________.
9. In 813 A.D., ___________ was crowned by his father after his brothers _________ and __________ died. He signed royal edicts with the single title ______________________.
10. The ___________ of Louis’ court defended the rights of the state against the ________________ and the ________________.
11. Louis’ downfall came because he was a ___________, ____________ man. He was usually extremely easily _____________.
12. In 822 A.D., Emperor Louis decided to submit to a public _______________, which further undermined the authority of the state.
13. His decision to marry _____________ and have children caused ten years of _________________ and _________________.
14. When Louis died in 840 A.D., ________________ was given his sword and his crown. But this idea of _______________ faded even more when he was _______________ on the battlefield.
15. Instead of pushing for unity under one king, the Church proposed a ______________ of kings to safeguard the ___________ unity of Christendom.
16. The Treaty of ___________ in _______ A.D. cut the Empire into three sections.
17. The fatal weakness of the system of fraternity was an authority who could use ___________ to solve disputes.
18. The German King ________ on France. He was stopped by the ____________, who asserted that the Church _________ kings by the bestowal of _______________.
19. Every country in Europe, various bands of _____________ ravaged the countryside, attacking the _______________, abducting entire communities.

Short answer

1. Discuss the results of the Treaty of Verdun in 843 A.D.