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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter five, pp. 285-293

Fill in the blank

1. In the Dark Ages, ______ was commonplace.
2. Most people in the Dark Ages lived in a state of almost perpetual ___________.
3. The Church had two extreme ways to bring sinners to repentance: ____________ and ____________.
4. Many common people in the Dark Ages were ________ by alleged miracle-makers. Many ________ practices also emerged.
5. The cult of ______ of the saints began in the Dark Ages.
6. In the Dark Ages, ___________ confession of the most serious sins was replaced by _______ confession of all sins to a ____________.
7. This new method of confession was called __________ confession, and it started in ______________.
8. After a person confessed his sins, he was required to do ___________.
9. In addition to confession, people in the Dark Ages would go on _________ to the tombs of saints.
10. Devotion to _______ begun in the West during the Dark Ages. Men built ________ dedicated to her.
11. Christians in the Dark Ages had a distinct sense of belonging to the same _________. Church leaders believed that the __________ should be more involved in the affairs of the Church.
12. During the Dark Ages, there were developments in the Church’s __________, or the way in which Mass was conducted.
13. As the Dark Ages progressed, ________ began to claim the right to nominate bishops.
14. Some desirable bishoprics were purchased with ____________.
15. Some bishops were not men of God: Camtinus of Cleremont would get ______ was banquets; Sagittarius paid to have neighboring bishops held for ________; and Gewiliob committed secret ___________ and open ____________.
16. The church used _________, or assemblies of ___________, to stem abuses.
17. No man could be consecrated a bishop unless he had been a __________ for one year. Those bishops who possessed __________ or _______ or bore ________ were censured.
18. Reforms of the clergy included: a delay between _______ and ordination; the requirement that priests know how to ______ and _______; that priests be at least ___ years old; and that _____ between a priest and his wife was prohibited.
19. The Church in the Dark Ages often stressed the need for ________.
20. St. Columbanus “hurled the ______ of Christ wheresoever he could...”

Short answer

1. What is a relic? Provide examples from the Dark Ages.