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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter four, pp. 179-199

Fill in the blank

1. __________, the king of the Franks, was converted by St. ___________ between 496 and 502 A.D. When he was baptized, the bishop said, “________ what you have burned, and _______ the things you have worshipped!”
2. _________ of the king’s followers were baptized along with him.
3. The Frankish king’s baptism was one of the turning points of the Christian West. The other two were: _______________________ and _____________________________.
4. In the wake of the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Arian heresy became linked with ______________, creating a deadly mix.
5. For Arian Barbarians, Roman Catholicism was the religion of the _____________.
6. One reason the Franks were converted to the Roman Catholic faith is that they were __________, not Arians.
7. When the Frankish king came to power in 481 A.D., the bishop of Rheims sent him a ___________, urging him to work with the ____________.
8. The bishop of Soissons asked the young Frankish king to return a ___________ looted by the Barbarians, to which the king agreed.
9. The Catholic Church arranged for the young Frankish king to marry __________, who was a Burgundian ___________ and devout ______________.
10. The Frankish king won a major battle against the ___________, another Germanic tribe. in 497 A.D. He promised God that we would be ____________ if he won the battle.
11. St. Avitus, bishop of Vienne, wrote to the converted Frankish king, “You faith is our ____________!”
12. After the conversion of the Frankish king, who was a friend of the bishops, popular opposition to the Barbarian kings of the __________ religion grew more strident.
13. The converted Frankish king set in motion the fusion of the __________ and ___________ elements into what was to become to French nation.
14. All the great missionaries to the Barbarians performed ___________, which showed the barbarians that the Christian God was _________.

Short Answer

1. Discuss the spiritual pilgrimage of the king of the Franks who converted to Catholic Christianity.

2. Discuss the steps the Catholic king of the Franks took to win Gaul (France).

3. What three steps did the Catholic king of the Franks take that laid the foundation for a subsequent restoration of the West?

4. Discuss the religious psychology of the Barbarians.