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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter three, pp. 149-179

Fill in the blank

1. A _____________ developed between Rome and Constantinople.
2. Constantinople was known as the new ________.
3. Some bishops had _____ inserted into the documents of the Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D. It stated that Rome was primary because of _________, not because of St. Peter.
4. The first Greek schism was instigated by _________. It lasted for ____ years.
5. Laurence was an ______ who forced ______ to barricade himself inside St. Peter’s.
6. In 518 A.D., ___________ became the Byzantine emperor. He _______ with Rome.
7. In 527 A.D., ___________ became the Byzantine emperor. His wife, a former ___________, was named ____________. Her father was a ______ keeper.
8. The empress spent much of her time in fight against _____________.
9. In Byzantium in the 530s A.D. there was an ugly rivalry between two groups, the ________ and the _________. These two groups united in 533 A.D. and started an ___________. One of the groups was massacred by ________ in the __________.
10. Byzantium after 527 A.D. was marked by a resurgence of spending on ___________.
11. The emperor after 527 A.D. stole __________ from China.
12. A ________ culture radiated from Constantinople.
13. Name one intellectual in Byzantium around 530 A.D. ____________
14. The emperor after 527 A.D. is best known for two things: the _________ and the __________. He reconciled all imperial laws promulgated since the time of Emperor __________ and declared that ________ was the basis of all law.
15. A church in Constantinople was dedicated to the ________ of God. It took ___ years to build.
16. The grand aim of the Byzantine emperor after 527 A.D. was to rebuild the _______ Empire. To do so, he attempted to defeat the ___________ in Africa, which he did with the help of the ____________ population there.
17. After Africa, the Byzantines turned their sights to _________, occupied by the _________, and sent _______ into exile. _________ was liberated on December 10, 536 A.D., then lost, and finally regained.
18. France in the 500s A.D. was ruled by the ________, who were not Arian but __________. Spain was ruled by the ___________.
19. The emperor after 527 A.D. was a ______________ in religion, while his wife was a _______________.
20. The Byzantine emperor after 527 A.D. ordered the closure of Jewish and Samaritan ___________, as well as __________ churches.
21. The Byzantine empress after 527 A.D. gave asylum to many __________ within the imperial palace.

Short answer

1. What internal problems prevented the Byzantine empire from bringing about a renaissance of Western Civilization?

2. Discuss the construction of the Church of St. Sophia in Constantinople. Why was it an engineering marvel?