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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter two, pp. 72-97

Fill in the blank

1. In ____, the Emperor ____________ issued an edict making Christianity a legal religion in the Roman Empire.
2. The Emperor ____________ tried to make Rome return to paganism.
3. People came to prefer the Church’s _____________ over that of Rome’s.
4. The Church had the right to judge its own ___________.
5. The real strength of the Church was its _____________.
6. By 425 A.D. about ________ of the Roman Empire had been converted to Christianity.
7. The _________ of the Church raised their voices against the despots.
8. In 450 A.D., Salvianus said, “The Roman Empire is already ________.”
9. According to Church theologians, the barbarian invasion of Rome was ____________ from God.
10. The Catholic Church knew that society could only be rebuilt if mankind has first been remade in a _________ sense.
11. According to St. Cyprian, the whole church is in the _____________.
12. List three Christians (other than St. Augustine) who were leaders during the late Roman Empire: ____________, ______________, ________________.
13. Monasticism started in the __________ under the leadership of ____________.
14. In all the monasteries _________ were also formed.
15. The _______ were “smeared with rancid butter, roast garlic, and onion.”
16. The ________ were so hairy that they had to cut their nose hairs every day.
17. In the mid-400s, the ____________ invaded the Roman Empire from the East. ________ became their leader in 435 A.D. after he assassinated _____________.
18. Attila received a ___________ and a _________ from the Princess Honoria.
19. More than any man, __________ saved Western Civilization in August 451 A.D. at the battle of _____________.
20. The battle against the Huns united the ____________ and the ____________.
21. According to tradition, the _________ of Paris saved the city from the Huns through ____________.

Short Answer

1. What were some of the restrictions placed on the pagans beginning in the late 4th century?

2. In what ways did the Catholic Church help improve society in the late Roman Empire?

3. What roles did the bishops play in the wake of Rome’s collapse?

4. Explain the three roles filled by monasteries.

5. How does Ammian Marcellinus describe the Huns?