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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter two, pp. 54-71

Fill in the blank

1. The Barbarians crossed the ______ River to sack Rome.
2. Roman ____________ were used to defend against Barbarian invasions.
3. The majority of the Barbarians were from __________ tribes.
4. Name three Barbarian tribes: ___________, _____________, _____________
5. The Huns were originally the scourge of _________.
6. The Barbarian ‘invasion’ was really more of a ______________.
7. ___________ captured Rome on _______ 410 A.D.
8. Rome’s conqueror was really headed for the ______________ of North Africa.
9. The ___________ invaded modern-day Britain.
10. Alaric ordered the ___________ of Rome not to be destroyed.
11. The last of the great Roman emperors was ______________.
12. The Bishop of Lyons called Roman society at the beginning of the 5th century a _______________ world.
13. In the later Roman Empire every thing came to depend upon _________________.
14. Due to the excessive ____________ imposed upon them, many lower class Romans welcomed the Barbarian invasions.
15. The 5th century was an epoch of chaos and degradation, but out of it came _________.
16. The ____________ integrated the Barbarians into civilization.

Short answer

1. What sort of contact did the Romans and the Barbarians have in the first four centuries after Christ?

2. Compare and contrast how Alaric the Visogoth dealt with Athens as opposed to Rome.

3. What was the moral state of the Roman Empire in the decades before the Barbarian invasions? Provide examples.