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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter ten, pp. 529-539

Fill in the blank

1. The tenth century was a period of _____________.
2. In 1000 A.D., one world was dead; another was seeking to be _________________.
3. Charles the Simple tried to settle the Vikings in ____________ in a region that would come to be known as _________________.
4. In the Mediterranean, the Muslim threat seemed less __________ than of old.
5. Even more horrifying than Muslims or Norsemen were the ____________. Their horror ended when their king, ____________, was _____________, and they stopped being _______________ and became sedentary.
6. The _____________ system was finally established and propagated throughout Western Europe. It was a ___________ arrangement in which one ___________ was subject to another.
7. Landowners (including the Church and her bishops and abbots) were forced to be a part of the ___________ system.
8. Episcopal elections depended in practice exclusively upon the __________.
9. The secular realm also dominated the ___________ (becoming abbots, etc.).
10. The sale of sacred titled and functions is known as _____________.
11. Priests, bishops, and monks were bound to ______________ or provide ____________ for the incessant wars of that period.
12. The ______________ was very weak at this time, and thus couldn’t come to the assistance of Western Europe.
13. The legend of Pope ___________ arose at this time when women assumed authority in Rome.
14. Stories were told of banquets attended in Pope John ___________ in which guests toasted _____________!
15. While there was corruption in Rome, there were “eminent bishops of outstanding piety” in _____________ and ______________. This Bishop of __________ in Italy was also a reformer.
16. The real culprits in the scandals and violence in Rome were the secular ___________ who placed unworthy ______________ into power.
17. Through it all, the bulls issued by these mediocre Popes didn’t compromise the purity of __________________.
18. Pope __________ presided over fourteen Council, most of them concerned with ________________.
19. Pope ___________ excommunicated ________________, king of France.
20. _______________ was the first French Pope. He said, “The just man lives by _________, but it is good that he should combine ____________ with his faith.”
21. The Pope in 1000 A.D. pushed for Benedictine __________ of the Church. He also saw the importance of the ________ places and issued a call to _________ for the deliverance of _______________.
22. There were cries of ___________, a protest of the Christian soul, against the _____________ of the Papacy.

Short answer

1. Discuss the complexity and instability of the feudal system.