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The Church in the Dark Ages Worksheet
chapter one

Fill in the blank

1. St. Augustine’s father was named ______________.
2. St. Augustine’s mother was named ______________.
3. St. Augustine was the bishop of _______________.
4. St. Augustine’s father wanted him to become a __________________.
5. ____________ was the major city of the Roman province of Africa.
6. St. Augustine taught rhetoric in ___________________.
7. Bishop ____________ most influenced St. Augustine.
8. The name of St. Augustine’s autobiography is ___________________.
9. St. Augustine wrote ___ books.
10. God’s attribute of ______ dominates St. Augustine’s thinking.
11. Augustine’s palace as bishop was really more of a _____________.
12. The ________ almost assassinated St. Augustine.
13. St. Augustine used ________ to convey his anti-Donatist message to the people.
14. The British monk __________ opposed St. Augustine’s doctrine of grace.
15. According to St. Augustine, __________ is the primary branch of knowledge.
16. Like Plato, St. Augustine encouraged men to ________.
17. The _______________ took place in 410 A.D.
18. St. Augustine writes extensively about the relationship between _________ and _________.
19. According to St. Augustine, slavery is a form of _____________ from God.
20. St. Augustine believed that work is ____________.
21. Emperor ______________ had The Confessions as his bedside book.
22. St. Augustine’s life and writings served as a bridge between the ___________ and ___________ worlds.

Short answer

What did St. Augustine say to calm the fears of his flock during the Vandal invasions?

What were St. Augustine’s duties as bishop?

List and describe the three heresies St. Augustine combatted during his lifetime. Why were these heresies really a blessing in disguise?

Why did St. Augustine write The City of God?

Name and describe the two cities in The City of God.

According to St. Augustine, when was the state justified in persecuting heretics?