Questions on Plato's Crito

Directions: Answer these questions on a separate piece of paper. Please number your answers. Only typed answers will be accepted.

1. What are Crito's reasons for why Socrates ought to escape from Athens? List as many reasons as you can find.
2. Why does Socrates think that we should listen only to the opinions of those who know rather than the opinions of the majority?
3. What sort of life does Socrates think is a good life?
4. What do you think Socrates is talking about when he speaks of that part in us that is harmed by unjust actions and benefitted by just actions?
5. What are Socrates' reasons for why it is wrong for one to retaliate against those who do one harm?
6. How do the Laws of Athens reply to Socrates' proposed claim that the State has injured him by pronouncing an unjust sentence?
7. In what ways are the Laws of Athens responsible for Socrates' very existence?
8. How have the Laws of Athens provided for Socrates' education?
9. In what ways has Socrates agreed to persuade the State to change its views or else obey its commands?
10. What does Socrates think the Laws of Athens would say the consequences of escaping would be for Socrates, his friends and his family?
11. How does Socrates think that other well-governed cities will receive him if he escapes from Athens?
12. Crito had earlier claimed that by suffering an unjust punishment Socrates would be playing into the hands of his accusers. Why does Socrates think that escaping would better satisfy his accusers?
13. How would escaping lead Socrates to live a life not worth living?
14. How do the Laws of Athens prioritize the considerations Socrates has examined?