Questions on Plato's Apology

Directions: Answer these questions on a separate piece of paper. Please number your answers. Only typed answers will be accepted.

1. What are the charges against Socrates?
2. What sort of wisdom does Socrates think that he possesses?
3. How does Socrates come to believe that he really is wiser than those he examines?
4. Why does Socrates think that the risk of death should be unimportant?
5. Why do you think that Socrates claims he knows that doing wrong and disobeying a superior would be wicked and shameful? 
6. Why does Socrates think that the Athenians would be harming themselves rather than harming Socrates if they put him to death?
7. How did Socrates show by his actions that the risk of death is unimportant to him in his example of the his service to the Council and the trial of the ten generals?
8. Why did Socrates refuse to follow the orders from the Thirty to bring Leon from Salamis for execution?
9. Why does Socrates reject exile as a punishment?
10. Why does Socrates think that "life without enquiry is not worth living?"
11. Why does Socrates think that there is good reason to believe that death is a good?