World Geography
Extra Credit Paper
May 2003

Directions: Two pages minimum; typed; double-spaced; include question number (not entire question). Every question (except #6) can be answered mainly using the textbook, with additional material from the Internet.

This paper is due on Friday, May 9. It will replace the two lowest quiz grades for the quarter.

Please answer one:

1. Discuss the people and culture of Mexico.
2. Report on all aspects of the civilization of the Aztecs -- science, the arts, government, etc.
3. Pick one country in Latin America or South America and report on its geography, history, and culture. (Another option: Give this information within the context of a fictional story.)
4. Report on the location, population, and geography of South America.
5. Compare and contrast two countries in either Latin or South America -- geography, culture, history, exports, etc.
6. Internet option: Report on the wildlife and geography of the Amazon basin.