The Aeneid, Books XI-XII
Study Questions

Book XI

1. What occurs between the Trojans and the Latins to stop the fighting? How do the envoys from Diomedes respond to the requests for aid made by Latinus?

2. As a consequence, what does Latinus recommend? What are the responses of Drances and Turnus?

3. What events force war to break out again? What is the strategem of Turnus to win the battle?

4. What deity shows special favor to Camilla? Why? Describe Camilla's exploits. Her fate? Effect on the Latins?

Book XII

1. What is the advice of Latinus? Effect on Turnus?

2. What effect does Juno's intervention have on the truce?

3. What misfortune befalls Aeneas? How is he restored?

4. Describe the ensuing battle. What does Jupiter promise June on behalf of the Ausonians?

5. Is Aeneas right to kill Turnus? If not, why does he do it? If so, what exactly has Turnus done that is unforgivable?