Western Civilization

Daniel-Rops, Church in the Dark Ages

Chapter One: The Saint of the New Age
Chapter Two: The Barbarian Holocaust and the Pillars of the Church
DR 2.1
DR 2.2
DR 2.3

Chapter Three: Byzantium
DR 3.1
DR 3.2

Chapter Four: The Church Converts the Barbarians
DR 4.1 (pp. 179-199)
DR 4.2 (pp. 199-218)

DR 4.3 (pp. 218-245)

Chapter Five: Christians of the Twilight
Chapter Six: Tragedies and Divisions in the Christian East
Chapter Seven: The Papacy and the New Empire in the West
Chapter Eight: The Church is Faced With New Dangers
Chapter Nine: The Byzantine Revival and Separation from Rome
Chpater Ten: The Tragic Dawn of the Year 1000